Yon URL shortener service

December 26, 2015

Four years ago, I started a new project called Yon Intelligent URL shortening service which was aimed to target Internet users in Persian language. After a few months, it was successful engaging many users and without any more efforts, it became more and more popular over time. Some of the key features of Yon which caused these success are:

Yon homepage

A screenshot from Yon URL shortener service

Although Yon didn’t limit itself to Persian Internet users and nowadays people from all around the world are using it, but they constitute the minority of users. And that’s while the website user interface even does not support English language yet. Therefore, making the website bilingual would be a good start to make more internationalized which is one the top priories of the features to be added to this online service in near future.

As it goes, I will write more about newer aspects of this service in next blog posts.